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Our handcrafted tableware collection celebrates the craftsmanship of the Eastern world. Each piece is proudly crafted by a master craftsman and his apprentice as part of a centuries-old tradition in each of our featured cities: Paris, Kyoto, Bangkok and London. We will first offer a selection of different products in each category, highlighting the traditions of each city.


Anyone who has ever visited a city of artisans by country knows the beauty and uniqueness of each product that these people can make. Handmade products are personal, special, and have unparalleled luxury. Among the best producers, there is a hidden artisan! You are our customers!


Discover a world of tradition and excellence through artisans from different countries. Each piece has been designed based on a seamless link between historical techniques, modern materials and timeless shapes that make each tableware unique.


Middle Eastern and Moroccan traditions are delicately embroidered on the cushion covers, all handcrafted in local Berber villages.

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